Dilwara Temple
Dilwara Temple

The Diwara Jain temples, One of the finest Jain temples and beautiful example of Jain Art, are known for their extraordinary architecture and marble stone carvings. Located near Mount Abu in Rajasthan (India), this group of world famous temples dates back from the 11th to 13th Century.

This book, on the Dilawara temples that are dedicated to Jain Tirthakaras and regarded as a pilgrimage centre for the followers of Jainism, narrates the story of their construction and architecture. Created with excellent illustrations and flowing narration and dialogues, this book is not only a must for jains, but also for art lovers.

This is part of the spectacular WILCO PICTURE LIBRARY (WPL), slated to be a 500 plus titles series, pioneering the innovative way of enlightening on various subjects in a fun-filled way via a comic format artwork, full of colorful illustrations along with simple but interesting narration and dialogues, thereby making story-telling and enjoyable experience.

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