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Wilco Picture Library (WPL), slated to be a 500+ title series, is targeted at all age groups, to satisfy the need to explore exciting subjects, that will enlighten as well as entertain its readers. WPL is an innovative, off-the-track presentation of Wilco Publishing House, Mumbai (India), known for it’s ‘Outstanding Works of Universal Interest’.

WPL comes to you with enchanting and exhilarating stories from Mythology (Arjuna, Rama etc.), Ancient History (Chandragupta, Ashoka etc.), Divinity (Ganesha, Krishna etc.), Biographies (Mahatama Gandhi, Adolf Hitler etc.), Inventions, Discoveries, Festivals etc.

The necessity to move away from normal academic or text infested books to learn about various subjects was constantly felt. WPL fills that void by delivering knowledge and also entertainment on a platter, in a comic format artwork, full of colorful illustrations along with simple but interesting narration and dialogues.

Wilco Picture Library is a bold statement by Wilco, emerging from 50 glorious years of experience, research and development in the publishing business. With every passing year, Wilco is growing, not only because of the wholehearted support of our ever-increasing patrons, but also because of the exceptional quality of content and printing of its publications. Considering the ever expanding areas of interest of our readers and thinking out of the box, Wilco has widened its range of titles in its endeavour to eventually cover almost every subject that is exciting as well as enlightening.

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